DECK-O-TREAT – Curing Aid & Hardener

DECK-O-TREAT Curing Aid and HardenerDECK-O-TREAT Concrete Curing Aid is a ready to use curing aid & hardener formulated to aid in curing gunite and shotcrete. It contains no wax, resin, or acids and is VOC compliant. Eliminates the need to water gunite or shotcrete several times a day for seven days. Surfaces treated with DECK-O-TREAT can later be covered by additional finishes such as paint, tile, adhesive or plaster.

  • Ready to use
  • Can receive additional treatments … paint, tile, adhesive or plaster
  • Tint aids in identifying coverage
  • Reduces the need to have homeowner water the shell several times a day
  • Reduces contractor’s trips back out to the job to water the shell
  • Can be used on horizontal of vertical surfaces
  • VOC compliant…actual VOC content is 0

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